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Last night I woke to a fierce spring thunderstorm. Wow she was a beauty! She really made the old school house shake. We got a good drenching of hard rain too, so hard that the noise on the tin roof woke up most of the house's occupants. Just in time for nature's lightning bolt show, which was one of the most spectacular I've seen in a while. I stayed in bed, watching one splash of light after another, the light dancing for split seconds on the bedroom wall, and though spectacular as the display was, my eyes remained sluggishly open, it had been a rough day. I had no chance of avoiding slumber and it eventually lured me like trout to a fly and I eventually embraced a well deserved sleep. I may have dreamed that my veg garden got destroyed in the storm, but when I checked in the morning all appeared in order.

The spring weather gets things really going in the food garden, well all plant life. The lawns around the school house, (a.k.a. resource hungry visual fancy) is becoming a real hassle to maintain, so much so that we're investigating the option of getting goats to keep the grass down and as a bi-product to provide us with dairy. Kate's doing a great deal of research into goats, it's her pet project...pardon the pun.

Keeping goats? Raising a food garden? Slow living! It's such a stark contrast to being stuck in traffic for an hour each way to work, sitting under fluorescent lighting in a small cubicle's working for a large corporations, and being loaded to the hilt with finance and debt...all seems so distant now. WHAT WAS I THINKING? MADNESS! Thankfully it's rather normal for me to bounce out the back door, dive into the patch, cut off some broccoli or what ever else is in season and cook it!

I rolled out some fresh pappardelle with some eggs and farina flour and it ended up dressed with wild nettle pesto and broccoli picked minutes before. Such great food, I love veg!

For the life of me I can't figure out why I didn't do this years ago? Well I guess I started working towards this dream years ago, and I almost had it at the old cottage, but now it seems to be really paying dividends. My girls are happier and I'm happier that I can provide a different life for them, a life that I believe has more positives than what's considered normal for a kid in 2012.

We're pretty happy being semi self-sufficient, it's a pretty cheap way to live, this simple life. The remarkable thing is we've ended up being much richer for it, in fact we reckon our lives are enriched! We still buy the staples, but we tend now to buy them in bulk, like 40kgs of flour at a time. Kate has found some great places in town where we buy direct from the wholesaler and in larger quantity, and this means less trips to the staples store, thus lower fuel costs, less emissions yadda yadda. I know I 'love to lecture' on this subject, and yes it's my life's obsession to rabbit on about the environment, but fuck we only have one planet! It's time for us to turn away from our consumerist planet degrading system, and return to older ways that respect nature. We are true custodians of this land, but we've been doing a pretty lame job for a long time, and now we're running out of resources and heating up the planet one way or another.

I'm glad I'm able to communicate my lifestyle using my little laptop and using the internet, technology has its place, very much so, but there are things I know that our family can do to reduce our impact on nature. One day I'll be charging my laptop from a mix of solar and wind energy, but for now I really do hope we're making a difference by producing most of our food. Even if in reality we're just kidding ourselves, I don't mind one bit. This way of living is the best I've experienced so far. That in itself makes some sense for us to continue doing what we do.