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yesterday and tomorrow

The morning sunlight snuck in through the cracks in the tin wall. The chill of morning slapped my face, I wasn't bothered none. I was well rested. Maybe it was the labour of weeks of preparation, maybe it was just the effect of sleeping out where I belong, no matter, I was stretching well and ready to embrace the morning. I've never slept in horse stables before, but I was determined to test out the beds I had made for my guests before they arrived, just in case there were improvements to be made that I'd not thought about. There's nothing like putting yourself through an experience just to ensure you've got it right. photo1


Busy days passed, preparation and hard work the order of the day. Before we knew it the first student of my workshop had arrived, then another, followed by even more. My nerves kicked in, what if they didn't like me? What if they didn't like the way I taught? What if the stables weren't comfortable enough? It was too late now. This was it. My workshops where go.



The idea behind the workshops was skills sharing. I've learnt a good deal over the years and I'm keen the share the skills in the hope that a snowball effect may happen.



Maybe people might change the way they view food, by the experience of killing an animal mights open up minds to the the processes of getting that food to the table, the damage done to the environment from conventional food production systems, and the ethical dilemma of animal treatment.



I was as prepared as I could be. I wasn't however prepared for the people. The diversity of people, the love from people and the determination of people to make changes, to challenge themselves.



I've come away from the weekend not as the teacher, but as the student. I've learnt a great deal this past weekend. So much so that I guess I need to take a few walks in the forest to be alone and to think. My cynical mind has been recharged by the people that visited me this weekend, they came to learn skills from me, but left teaching me a good lesson in humanity. I've shed a few tears secretly these last few days, my arms an array of goosebumbs. I'm inspired by positivity alone. Just by sharing what I take as normal practice, I've received a shot of inspiration. I feel I now have purpose. To share is to inspire. And I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Kate, Dan, Damo for images