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You're an idiot. No, you're an idiot. No you are. I said it first. Takes one to know one.

This post is a response to the comments for article #1

And a general observational piece. A reaction to article #2 The world is full of people with ill informed opinions. Opinions formed on what they see in the media. Often it's an opinion not formed by experience or reality. Alas it's one based on what's fed to the mind via television, radio or print. Comfortable western lives have made us so 'informed' that we have become macro judgemental. We all have opinions for everything. That's ok, but to have ill informed opinions is not doing anybody any good.

I have no need to justify what I do. I have no need to justify to people the choice's I have made to live the way I do. However saying that, I've always made it clear that I no longer want to be part of the mainstream food system. Why? Well, go walk down the isles of a supermarket and admire the fake unhealthy food, then walk into a poultry/pork factory farm and admire the cruelty, walk the paddocks of the land hammered by intensive farming methods. Go study the carbon emissions resulting from worldwide food transport and research the chemicals applied to your food. Food that most people eat without a thought to what it's doing to their health and the health of the planet.

The action I take to live a life away from that flawed system is what I to communicate with you, the reader. I photograph it and I write about it. The sole intention is to display an alternate lighter way of living. One that is practical and not particularly extreme.

I've always said sustainability is a buzz word. We need to focus on how we can individually reduce. Reduce is our future.

I've been left with so little hope for the future of the world that I can't even live in house thats in close proximity to neighbours. Why? Because most people are fucking idiots. That's a sad truth that quite frankly it pisses people off when I say it. But tell me this. If the world wasn't full of mindless idiots then why do we have a resource hungry society that is still to this day, taking, taking, taking from nature? Go ask native indigenous tribes around the world how they feel about their natural world being raped. Talk to any old cocky farmer out in the bush and listen to them tell you stories about how they used to be able to fish in the rivers, when they weren't polluted or empty for lack of rain.

How long can we sip our soy lattes and wait for something good to happen? Well I'm one of those annoying blokes that decided I would no longer stand for it. "Take some fucking action Rohan" rings in my head everyday. So I don't eat supermarket food? Hell it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out how unnatural that food is. You don't need pages of scientific data to understand that our mass produced food system is unhealthy for us and our beautiful nature. Hold a packet of cereal in your hands and tell me how natural that is.

There are two options for us humans. The future outcomes will sway towards repair and reduction or continuos resource exploitation. Lets imagine when all of us a dead and buried, say in a few hundred years time, what will the world look like? Will it be a utopia of reduced resource usage and love for nature or will it be mega cities, more pollution, more climatic problems and wars fought over natural resources?

I said recently that I've chosen to live off the land. The reality though is that WE ALL LIVE OFF THE LAND. The only difference is that some of us have an intimate relationship and appreciation for that land, some of us do not. Thus some of us have opinions formed by experience and some have opinions formed by the information has been selected for them.


Free Advice:

For those readers that will complain, saying that I should stop my opinion pieces on this blog and just write stories about fly fishing, hunting and building log cabins. Turn your computer off and take a walk in the bush. 

For those people that are going to say I'm too angry. I disagree. I'm not angry enough. If only you knew what our future is going to be like you'd be angry too.