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freedom is a human construct

we love to fight for our freedom
we love celebrate our freedom
but we are not truely free

we mingle like little ants
we rely on interaction en masse 
with us, them, him and her
seperation togetherness
freedom will never be achieved

yes freedom is relative
how far can you stretch your imagination
the more you examine
the more you realise
the concept of freedom is a human construct
it keeps us safe
in our thoughts
contained, managed 

you think you own land
you don’t own land
no one owns land
animals don’t own land
human animals don’t own land
you’re proud of your achievement
on your little plot of land
you think you can do what you want
but you can’t choose
you can’t choose to build a shelter
you need to ask permission
you need to seek approval 
you can’t choose to live your version of natural
you have to follow rules, because
freedom is a human construct

you think you are free to walk down a street
without being raped
but you are not free, because 
freedom is a human construct

at work
we ask permission 
for snippets of freedom  
for days of rest
for days of fun
to visit sick relatives
to receive medical care
we are not free
freedom is a human construct

we believe we are free to chose what we believe
to choose our religions
religions that make us believe things 
formed by words 
written by humans
rules that guide beliefs,
that guilt us to follow rules
we walk the line
doing what other humans want us to do
it’s gone on for so long, the good intentions 
are rooted in bad intentions
the bad intentions
rooted in good intentions
many people never question it
because they believe they are free
freedom is a human construct

you’re free to choose your partner
deep in the relationship 
you won’t make every decision without consultation
you can’t choose to leave and travel 
to explore your world 
to touch and feel
you can lose yourself
you can lose the freedom to be you
freedom is a human construct

we have just enough choices presented in our daily lives
to create an illusion of freedom
it’s a safe illusion
it’s comforting 
it keeps our wondering minds 
from wondering paths 
returning to wild
it separates us from other beasts
but our hearts continue to beat
as animals do,
all because 
freedom is a human construct

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